Meet the Co-Founders of Diversity in National Security Network!


Asha Castleberry

Asha CastleberryAsha Castleberry is a national security expert, university professor, military veteran and media commentator.  She is Lecturer at George Washington University teaching U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security.  In 2015, Asha completed a 30-month deployment in the Middle East. Since the 2014 ISIL incursion in Iraq, she served for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Kuwait. From December 2012 to June 2014, Asha served as the Kuwait Desk Officer for International Military Affairs, U.S. Army Central. During the Obama Administration, she worked with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations at the State Department working on peacekeeping issues in the African Continent.  She has been featured or quoted in many outlets including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Washington Post, Washington Times, The Hill, Al-Jazeera English, I24 News International, Lima Charlie News, Uptown Magazine, Elle Magazine, The Root Magazine, and Forbes.

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Laura Kupe

Laura KupeLaura Kupe is a multilingual attorney with foreign policy expertise in think tanks and the Federal Government, including the U.S. House of Representatives, the RAND Corporation, the Department of Homeland Security, and the White House. Laura’s subject-matter expertise ranges from U.S. engagement with the European Union (EU) on topics, like migration, maritime security, transportation security, and counterterrorism, to Air Force manpower and personnel matters. As a Congolese-American, Laura is passionate about advocating for the inclusion of diverse communities and perspectives in U.S. foreign policy, knowing the great insight, talents, and experiences these communities possess firsthand.

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Camille A. Stewart, Esq.

Camille Stewart is a cyber and technology attorney with substantial business, legal and policy experience including serving in the Obama Administration, on Capitol Hill, and across the private sector. Camille brings specialized, crosscutting perspective to bear on complex technology, cyber, and national security and foreign policy issues. Camille is committed to advancing the representation of the myriad of voices and lived experiences of the American people; representation in our national security and foreign policy apparatus is a national security imperative. Camille dedicates much of her time to empowering others and making room for all voices in the national security, foreign policy, and tech sectors.  Learn more about her work at

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